Our staff has come up with rules and guidelines on what is and what is not allowed on the wiki.

Note: These rules may fluctuate over time. These rules and guidelines are listed, but not limited to, the following:

Ban Timetable

Type of Ban Expiry Time
Minor ban 2/3 days – 2 weeks
Normal ban 1 month – 3 months
Major ban 6 months – 1 year
Permanent ban (Permaban) None

Article/Users Rules

  • Spam (Stupid Pointless Annoying Message(s)) is not tolerated. Spam and vandalism of any kind on articles will be deleted, and will be dealt with by the admins. (Warning to major ban, depends on severity. Constant spam will result in permaban)
  • Absolutely no cyberbullying or racism of any kind is allowed here, as you should treat others the way you would want to be treated. Anyone caught bullying others intentionally will be warned, and bans will happen if continuous bullying happens. (Warning to major ban, depends on severity. Constant bullying or racial offences will result in permaban)
  • Sockpuppeting, the act of creating a double account usually for the purpose of evading a ban or for impostering others, is against the rules. (Warning to minor ban for non-banned users; Major ban to permaban for banned users. Sockpuppet banned in all cases)
  • Avoid unnecessary or duplicate categories (e.g. "Black Miis", "Wii CPUs", "Pros", etc.). (No warnings or bans, category/categories deleted).
  • Please make sure to post anything canon (AND ONLY canon) to the wiki. (First offense - Warning/1 week, Second offense - 1 month, 3rd offense - permaban. Steps may be skipped depending on severity of offense)
  • Since bureaucrats can't demote themselves, certain users can ask bureaucrats to demote themselves, and if the bureaucrat refuses, they will be blocked until they do.

Comments Section Rules

  • No spamming. (Warning to minor ban depending on severity, comment(s) deleted)
  • Racial, religious or derogatory slurs, especially to users, will not be tolerated in any way. (Warning to major ban depending on severity, comment(s) edited or deleted)
  • Do not cyberbully. This goes out as respect to all users. (Warning to major ban depending on severity, comment(s) deleted)
  • Try to avoid advertising, especially spam advertising, unless it has to do with the topic. (If spam/spambot material; Warning to major ban/permaban depending on severity, comment(s) deleted)
  • Avoid fights, especially derogatory ones. (Warning to minor/major bans to contributors, fight deleted)