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is one of the 12 sports available for play in Wii Sports Resort. Unlike most sports in the game, this game is played holding the Wii Remote sideways. Another unusual aspect of this sport is that it has no variations, although it has 3 difficulty settings, Easy, Moderate, and Hard, respectively. The main gameplay is centered around the player's Mii riding a wakeboard while being tugged by a boat (operated by player generated Miis or random generated ones) and jumping off the distortion in the water (a "wake", hence the name of the sport) caused by the boat and landing flat to earn points. Extra points can be obtained by shaking the Wii Remote once the Mii hits the "wake" to preform a trick. The amount of points gained from jumps and tricks depends on height, timing, angle, and succession. Some objects are placed on the water that can get caught on the rope and cause the Mii to lose it's grip on the rope.

Although the game is hard, if you try hard enough, you can get more than 3000 points!

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