Title Swordplay Showdown Twelfth Boss
Gender Male
Favorite Color Cyan
Level Swordplay: 1378 (PRO)

Basketball: 42

Table Tennis: 1020+ (PRO)

Cycling: 87th out of 98 (Level 176+)

Takashi is a male CPU Mii from Wii Sports Resort and Wii Party.

Wii Sports Resort

In Swordplay Showdown, Takashi is the Boss of level 12, He is very defensive and strikes often. He is also a Pro in Swordplay. His level is 1376+. Takashi is the 3rd worst player in Basketball. His teammates are Anna and Andy. His skill is only 41+. In Table Tennis, he has a level of 1016+ (the 2nd Pro Class student). He is very bad at Cycling, coming 87th out of 98.

Wii Party

In Wii Party, Takashi is an Advanced Mii.  


  • In Wii Music MIDI, Takashi plays the gong.
  • He is the only mii in the entire series to have gray hair.


Wii Sports Resort / Wii Party