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Here are all Stamps in Wii Sports Resort - Table Tennis.
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In Your Face / Not the Face!:

For some reason, you get a stamp for hitting your opponent's face with a ball in single-player mode. Of course, you would never hit them in the face on purpose.

Back from the Brink:

Successfully return a ball that hits the edge of the table and bounces at an unpredictable angle, making it harder to hit. You can only get this stamp in single-player mode.

Epic Rally / 30-Stroke Rally:

Keep up a rally (hitting the ball back and forth without stopping) for 30 hits or more in single-player mode.

Perfectly Matched / A Worthy Opponent:

Draw with your opponent in single-player mode. According to the house rules, a match is declared a draw if neither player can get two points ahead and the score reaches 20-20.

Table Titan / Defeat the Champion:

Beat the Table Tennis champion (Lucía) in a match. The current champion quickly surpassed her teacher and has since gone undefeated.

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