Swordplay Duel versus Ryan

Swordplay is one of 12 games available to play in Wii Sports Resort. Taking advantage of the Wii MotionPlus, the main mechanic of the game is using your Wii Remote like a sword to hit an opponent/opponents. There are 3 variations of the game.


The objective of the Duel is to knock your opponent off the high-rise platform. It is played in a two-out-of-three style match. If both fighters are unable to knock each other off then the round is a tie. If the match is tied then the game goes to Sudden Death, where the playing field becomes extremely small. The stamps are: Met Your Match, Cliff Hanger, One-Hit Wonder, Straight to the Point, and Last Mii Standing. If you have beaten the champion,at the Mii selection, hold the 1 button. Then you can use Matt's purple sword to fight. Your skill should be around 1500 to fight Matt.  

Duel Mii Levels (in order, confirmed):

Lv. 0-99

Ryan, Fumiko, Miyu, Kathrin, Asami (Boss), Martin

Lv. 100-199

Mike, Steve, George, Naomi, Ian (Boss), Vincenzo, Chris

Lv. 200-299

Megan, Hiromasa (Boss), Tomoko (Boss), Holly, Gabriele (Boss), Shohei, Keiko

Lv. 300-399

Emma, Alisha (Boss), Takumi, Rachel, Greg, Eduardo

Lv. 400-499

Ashley, Elisa, Cole (Boss), Nick, Lucía, Mia, Theo

Lv. 500-599

David, Sarah (Boss), Barbara (Boss), Tatsuaki, Sandra, Emily, Helen

Lv. 600-699

Siobhán, Steph(Boss), Marisa (Boss), Hayley, Julie, Haru

Lv. 700-799

Kentaro, Silke, Fritz (Boss), Ren, Susana, Luca, Rainer

Lv. 800-899

Stéphanie, Tyrone, Saburo, Yoshi, Jessie, Yoko (Boss), Hiroshi

Lv. 900-999 (You'll play at sunset here)

Ursula, Oscar, Miguel (Boss), Sakura, Giovanna, Chika


Lv. 1000-1099

Jake, Maria, Tommy, Alex, Sota, Eddy, Misaki

Lv. 1100-1199

Pablo, Marco (Boss), Eva, Shouta, Gwen, Michael, Abe

Lv. 1200-1299

Patrick, Abby, Midori, Daisuke, Shinnosuke, Jackie

Lv. 1300-1399

Nelly, Víctor, Andy, Ai, Takashi (Boss), Pierre, Akira

Lv. 1400-1499

Hiromi, Shinta (Boss), James, Gabi (Boss), Rin, Anna (Boss)

1500 Champion (You'll play at sunset here)

Matt (Final Boss)

Speed Slice

Speed Slice

Speed Slice Gameplay

The objective of Speed Slice is to cut an object faster than your opponent. The referee (Matt) will toss an object at the player, and the player must cut that object in the specified direction before your opponent can. But if you are facing Matt in Speed Slice, the trainer will be Ryan (shown dueling above).



The beginning of a Swordplay Showdown stage.

The objective of the Showdown is to defeat the oncoming horde of Miis. The player has three hearts, and must defeat the army of sword-wielding Miis without taking three hits. Each level has a Boss (Black Armored with Purple Sword) at the end of the level. They have three hearts and hard to defeat. These are the list of The Bosses from every level at the Showdown Swordplay:

Normal stages: 1-10

  1. Cole (Bridge)
  2. Gabi (Lighthouse)
  3. Miguel (Beach)
  4. Alisha (Mountain)
  5. Hiromasa (Forest)
  6. Sarah (Ruins)
  7. Marco (Waterfall)
  8. Asami (Cliffs)
  9. Anna (Castle)
  10. Gabriele (Volcano)

After you defeat all the normal stages, you can play reverse stages. They are a lot harder.

Reverse stages 11 - 20

11. Tomoko (Bridge Reverse)

12. Takashi (Lighthouse Reverse)

13. Marisa (Beach Reverse)

14. Ian (Mountain Reverse)

15. Barbara (Forest Reverse)

16. Shinta (Ruins Reverse)

17. Steph (Waterfall Reverse)

18. Fritz (Cliffs Reverse)

19. Yoko (Castle Reverse)

20. Matt (Volcano Reverse)

Swordplay Showdown Bosses-0

The 20 bosses from Swordplay Showdown


  • The reverse stages are called reverse because they're in the opposite direction of the same stages of the normal stages.
  • You'll also play at Sunset in Duel if your skill level is between 1900-1999

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