sullyrox (Twa!) against Steve in Swordplay.

Title Steve
Gender Male
Favorite Color Chartreuse
Level Tennis: 650-670

Boxing: 200-300

Table Tennis: 1180+ (PRO)

Steve is a CPU Mii

HNI 0020

Wii Sports

In Tennis, he is at 650-670 and usually plays with Kentaro or Misaki. In Boxing Steve is around 200-300. In Baseball Steve is at Pro Class and has a team consisting of Pierre, Takumi, Shinnosuke, Hiroshi, Rin, Emily, Sarah and Saburo.

Wii Sports Resort

In Table Tennis, Steve is at 1180+ and uses a hotel slipper instead of a paddle. In Swordplay Steve is at 110-120 in skill. In Basketball he is one of the near champion players and has a team of Yoshi and Theo usually.

Wii Party

In Wii Party, Steve is Standard CPU.

Steve galactic bass

Steve in a Wii Music artwork.

Wii Sports / Wii Party


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