Title Swordplay Showdown Seventeenth Boss
Gender Female
Favorite Color Yellow
Level Basketball: 312

Table Tennis: 85 - 100

Tennis: 1300 (PRO)

Baseball: 700+

Not to confuse with Stéphanie.

Steph is a Mii from Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort.


QR code for Steph, as seen in the portrait

Wii Sports

Her skill level in Tennis is 1300 and she often plays with Andy or Helen. In Baseball, her skill is 700+ and she leads her team with Tatsuaki, Andy, Tyrone, Yoko, Ai, Alex, Daisuke and Haru. She plays on the teams of Ryan, Hayley, Julie, Kathrin, Keiko, Michael, Jackie, and Eva.

Wii Sports Resort

She is the Boss of level 17 in Swordplay Showdown mode. In Swordplay she is good at level 630. In Table Tennis she has a very low skill. She is the 6th worst and has a skill of only 90+. In Basketball, Steph is not so good. Her team is Julie and Miyu and has a skill level of 312+.


  • She is the only female Boss to use the fat bulky black armor as every other female uses the tall variation.
  • In Wii Party she is a Master Mii.

Steph in the middle

Steps bagpipes

A Wii Music artwork.

All Yellow Miis

Steph is bottom right

Wii Sports / Wii Party


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