Title Baseball Anti-Champion
Gender Male
Favorite Color Brown
Level Tennis: 4

Baseball: 890-1000 (PRO)

Swordplay: 1150 (PRO)

Table Tennis: 590-600

Basketball: 940+

Boxing: 708

Cycling: 45th out of 98 (PRO)

Shouta is a CPU Mii from the Wii Sports series and Wii Party. His crying voice is Jan (PL).

Wii Sports

In Tennis, he is one of the 5 players before the starter team of Matt and Miyu, with a skill level of 4. If you lose the first match, he will play against you with Hiroshi or Chris. He is much better at Baseball, and is at around 920 in skill, having a team of Víctor, Eva, Jackie, Michael, Keiko, Kathrin, Julie and Hayley. Shouta plays in the Baseball teams of Theo, Saburo, Sarah, Emily, Rin, Hiroshi, Shinnosuke and Takumi. His skill level in Boxing is 708.

Wii Sports Resort

In Table Tennis he is good. Shouta's level is 596+. In Basketball his level is 956-963 and his teammates are Sarah and Sota. In Swordplay, he is a Pro. His level is 1151+. He is a PRO at Cycling, coming 45th out of 98.

Wii Party

In Wii Party, Shouta is a Standard Mii.


  • Shouta is one of the Miis that wear Black Armor in level 14 of Swordplay Showdown, along with the Boss Ian. He is very defensive and strikes often.
  • In Wii Music, his name is Jan.
  • His face is far from being symmetrical.
  • In Wii Music MIDI, Shouta plays the celesta and toy piano


Wii Sports / Wii Party