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HNI 0002 JPG
Title Ryan
Gender Male
Favorite Color Cyan
Level Tennis: 550

Baseball: 849

Boxing: 80+

Table Tennis: 430

Swordplay: 13

Basketball: 533


Ryan playing Table Tennis

Ryan harmonica art

Ryan in a Wii Music artwork.

Ryan Elisa Bobsled

Ryan in the front.

Ryan is a Mii on Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort.

Wii Sports Edit

In Tennis, he is good at level 550-560, and doubles with Luca or James. He is very good at Baseball, and has a team consisting of himself, Steph, Tatsuaki, Andy, Tyrone, Yoko, Ai, Alex, and Daisuke. His skill level is 849. He is the first opponent in Boxing, at level 86 making him the worst Player in Boxing.

Wii Sports ResortEdit

In Speed Slice, he is the lowest Computer with 13 skill points, one more than in Swordplay. In Speed Slice, Matt is the host, but when you verse Matt himself, Ryan takes his spot. In Basketball, his skill is 533. His team players in Basketball are Hiroshi and Sandra. In Table Tennis his skill is around 430-440 being around average.



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