Red Iron Bridge
The Red Gate Bridge is a large red bridge on the south end of Wuhu Island. It bears a resemblance to the real- life Golden Gate Bridge. It first appeared in Wii Fit as a structure that you run upon during jogging, but was given its name in Wii Sports Resort. It is the largest suspended bridge on Wuhu Island. It links Town and the Marina to Palm Boulevard, Cocoba Hotel, the 3 Beachs, Sweet Beach, Starry Beach and Sugersand Beach, and Island Loop Tunnel No.1.


Island Flyover Information:

  • Daytime: “This massive bridge is a famous landmark of Wuhu Island.”
  • Evening: “The evening sunset is dazzling for drivers heading into town.”
  • Night: “It’s tempting to fly through it, but don’t get clipped by cables!”