Pro Class is a skill level 1000 skill points or above.

Wii Sports

Pro Class (Wii Sports)

A CPU Mii at Pro Class (Hiroshi) in Wii Sports.

In Wii Sports, Pro Class is any skill level above 1000.

Wii Sports Resort

Pro Class (Wii Sports Resort)

The "Advanced to Pro class" screen in Wii Sports Resort

In Wii Sports Resort, Pro Class is any skill level from 1000-1999, before Superstar Class. The announcer says "Pro Class!"


  • When it comes to the Champion, almost all of them are in Pro Class Except Elisa, but when you play the afterchampions they become over PRO class sometimes!
  • A couple CPU miis like Akira are never Pro class in the regular Wii Sports, but are always pro in Wii Sports Resort.

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