Title Skydiving Pilot

Island Flyover Guide

Swordplay Showdown Third Boss

Gender Male
Favorite Color White
Level Basketball: 14

Swordplay: 944

Table Tennis: 180


Miguel as the level 3 Boss in Swordplay

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 8.05.12 PM

QR code for Miguel, as seen in the portrait

Miguel is a Mii who runs airborne tours of Wuhu Island. During the Island Flyover, the player can choose to follow his plane to the across the island. Above his plane is an I-point.

His plane gives out a white colored smoke. If the player is following him, the smoke will turn orange.

He is also a fighter in Swordplay Showdown, where he is the Boss of Stage 3. In Duel, he is pretty good at skill level 944, and you fight against him at the afternoon. He's the leader of the worst team of Basketball from CPU, and also the tutorial. His team is made of Anna and Takashi. His level is 14. He is bad at Table Tennis, at around 180 in skill.


  • If you fire a flare by pressing the 1 button on your Wii Remote, Miguel will fire one back, making him easier to find. His flare is orange colored.
  • If you follow Miguel's Guide Plane for at least three minutes, you'll receive a stamp called "Follow That Plane."
  • Miguel's Guide Plane is the only plane that leaves a trail of colored smoke other than the player's.
  • When the player gets up close to Miguel, his smoke trail turns from white to orange colored.
  • He is the pilot of the plane in Skydiving mode, with Gwen.
  • Miguel is the only Mii who has a voice, as heard in the Skydiving plane. 
  • Miguel could be the only CPU Mii to fly in a plane, in Island Flyover.  

Wii Sports Resort / Wii Party


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