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Title Haru
Gender Female
Favorite Color Chartreuse
Level Basketball: 1407 (PRO)

Swordplay: 600

Tennis: 370

Baseball: 620

Table Tennis: 750

Haru is a female CPU Mii.

Wii SportsEdit

In Tennis she is not so good at only level 370 and plays with either Marco or Yoshi. In Baseball she is at 500-600 and has a team consisting of Naomi, Ashley, Rachel, Lucía, Ren, Yoshi, Anna and Marco. She doesn't compete in Boxing.

Wii Sports ResortEdit

She is a top Pro in Basketball and plays with Misaki and Abe. In Swordplay she is an average player with a skill of 600. She is an OK Table Tennis player with a skill level of roughly 750.

Wii PartyEdit

In Wii Party, she is Beginner CPU.


  • Haru, despite having a Japanese name, has her name written in katakana (the Japanese kana system for foreign words) in the Japanese versions of Wii series games.
    • Her name means "spring", and her favorite color being green alludes to that.
  • Haru's a Popular Girl Name in Japan.
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