Title Skydiving Photographer
Gender Female
Favorite Color Cyan
Level Swordplay: 1170+ (PRO)

Basketball: 252

Table Tennis: 150

Gwen is a Mii from Wii Sports Resort.

Wii Sports Resort

In Skydiving she is the photographer and takes photos when you catch someone. She will take a special photo when you catch 4 Miis at once. She will also come from behind the camera and take a photo with you if you don't catch anyone on your run. In Basketball her level is 252 and plays with Gabi and Emily. In Table Tennis her skill is very low at around 150. In Swordplay she is a Pro with a skill of 1170+.

Wii Party

Gwen is a Beginner CPU in Wii Party. She's mostly seen with Sarah or Tommy.


  • Her camera is about the size of her head.


Wii Sports Resort / Wii Party


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