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Golf is one of the 5 training sports featured in Wii Sports. There are three different parts of the game, Putting, Hitting the Green, and Target Practice.


A player needs to "Putt" (pot) a Golf ball that has been placed near the hole on the green in one shot to qualify. If the player makes 5 mistakes, the game is over. There are 10 holes to complete.

  • Bronze medal = 5
  • Silver medal = 7
  • Gold medal = 10
  • Platinum medal = 10 (with all 5 balls intact)

Hitting the Green

A player must hit the golf ball that has been placed near the green as near to the hole as he can. The total distance from the ball to the hole will be added. The player is aiming to get the lowest score possible. If the player fails to get the ball on the green, they are given 100 ft (30.48 m) regardless of where the ball lands. There are 10 holes to complete. The Medal Chart:

  • Bronze medal = 492 ft
  • Silver medal = 246 ft
  • Gold medal = 164 ft
  • Platinum medal = 66 ft

Target Practice

In Target Practice there are two targets. One situated at the other side of a lake and one place in the center of the lake. The player attempts to hit the ball as near to the center of the targets as possible. The nearer the center the more points will be awarded. There are 10 balls to shoot in the targets.Below is the chart:

  • Bronze medal = 200
  • Silver medal = 400
  • Gold medal = 600
  • Platinum medal = 800

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