Here are all Stamps listed in Wii Sports Resort - Canoeing.
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Speed Challenge

Beginner License:

In single-player mode, get to 200 yd. in the Beginner level of the Speed Challenge.

Intermediate License:

Paddle to 300 yd. in the Intermediate level of the Speed Challenge in single-player mode.

Expert License:

Get to 400 yd. in the Expert level of the Speed Challenge in single-player mode.

Ducks in a Row:

In Free Practice Mode, find all the stray ducklings on the lake and lead them back to their mother. You have to complete the Speed Challenge afterwards to get the stamp.

Cut the Red Tape:

Cut the red tape in all levels. Haven't seen any red tape yet? Remember that even after getting your license for each difficulty level, you can still paddle farther.

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