CPU is a Mii who is controlled by a computer. They appear in Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort and Wii Sports Club games as the players the player must face. In games that require 2+ people, CPU Miis make a team. The better the skill level of the CPU is, the more skilled he/she is. Miis that are above 999 points are known as Pros.

In Wii Sports Club, new CPU Miis are added to replace the Wii's CPUs. These CPUs are created using the new features of the Mii Maker. 


  • CPUs appear to have been made in the system's internal memory, but are hidden from the user's system. This may suggest why they disappear from audiences and other graphics if the player has more than 20 made Miis.
  • CPUs are also promotional Miis, appearing in several artwork and promotions.
  • CPUs are not impossible to make, and can be created with good effort and a lot of time. However, the Wii U CPUs are harder to create than the Wii CPUs for obvious reasons.

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