Bowling in Wii Sports.

Bowling is a Game in Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort and Wii Sports Club. CPU miis in bowling


Wii Sports Bowling is similar to normal Bowling. The player attempts to knock down 10 pins with a ball. The player has 10 attempts with 2 shots in each. Like Golf, this game is the only way to play against someone in multiplayer. Any of the pre-made Miis from the game, along with any Miis the player has created, are frequently seen in other lanes. Bowling is held in the Bowling Alley. Also in Wii Sports Resort, if the Bowling ball is rolled backwards, the Miis in the seats jump while spinning around then breifly look at the Bowling ball while yelling "Ah!".

Bowling Balls

  • Up Arrow: Blue/Cyan Ball
  • Down Arrow: Green/Lime Ball
  • Left Arrow: Pink/Red/Purple Ball
  • Right Arrow: Gold/Yellow Ball

Usually, Player One will get the Blue ball, Player Two will get the Pink, Player Three will get the Green, and Player Four will get the Gold. There is a cheat that will give every player a certain colored ball, by holding the corresponding direction on the +Control Pad before the loading screen.

Names of Strikes

1. Strike

2. Double Strike

3. Turkey

4. Fourth

5. Fifth

6. Six-Pack

7. Seven-Pack

8. Eight in a row

9. Nine in a row

10. Ten in a row

11. Eleven in a row

12. Perfect

Secret strike

A secret strike means that in 100-pins game, a person who is holding a bowling ball slide to the two corners. There's a switch on it. When you open the switch, it will make a strike.

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That's why the people who seen this is usually called the bowler a hacker.

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The secret strike can also be used on the last level of the Power Throws training (91 pins) on the original Wii Sports