• Winter7073

    Hello, I'm back to Wii Sports Wiki!

    I haven’t been doing much on the wiki since more than a year, and really have the feeling to clean up this old wiki up again. I've changed the background, the logo/banner, and the favicon. How do you like the new look of the wiki?

    Also, I’m thinking about changing my name.


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  • TurboJ Mario

    We know that I took screenshots of Wii Sports Club Miis in Mario Kart 8... But the videos are even better!

    The one I showcased my random set of Wii Sports Club Miis:

    ...and the one I use them for stealing 1st place:

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  • Qubit2222


    September 4, 2017 by Qubit2222

    I've given up all hope.

    I lost to Lucía 9 - 11 today, twice.

    The sad part is I was leading up to 4 - 2 in the first game, and up to 7 - 4 in the second.

    I tried a third time, but had to give up because of stress.

    I've tried 6-point and 11-point, I've tried many different serves, I've tried backhanding, I've tried power shots, and I still haven't so much as been able to overcome this obstacle that has literally haunted me for 6 years of my life. I can't beat her.

    Sometimes I swing the paddle the wrong way by accident, or sometimes I swing but the game doesn't register a hit.

    Surely I can't be the only one who has wasted 72 months (on and off) on a single opponent. I can't be, can I?

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  • Wii sports lover

    Ive been good in baseball with a record of 8-4 and a skill level of 540

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  • Qubit2222

    Bye for now.

    July 31, 2017 by Qubit2222

    Hello everyone. This will be my last blog for a while.

    I feel like this wiki has gone to a point where there's nothing I can do about it. So I'm leaving.

    More reasons that I'm leaving are that I'm not even really that active anymore, and that I am quite devoted to the MySims fanbase at the moment.

    I'm keeping my admin rights in case I ever decide to start editing again, but for now, Vitor34 is the new administrator around here.


    Qubit 21:44, July 31, 2017 (UTC)

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  • A Flipline Fan


    July 11, 2017 by A Flipline Fan


    • 1. Abby Lorenzo 
    • 2. Nick Collin
    • 3. Emma Jackson
    • 4. Elisa Griffin
    • 5. Rin Suzuki
    • 6. Rachel Stunts
    • 7. Yoko Amori
    • 8. Matt Trainer
    • 9. Kathrin De André
    • 10. Víctor Rafferty

    Bottom 5:

    • Abby Lorenzo
    • Emma Jackson
    • Kathrin De André
    • Rachel Stunts
    • Víctor Rafferty

    Top 5:

    • 5th Place: Rin Suzuki
    • 4th Place: Matt Trainer
    • 3rd Place: Elisa Griffin
    • 2nd Place: Yoko Amori
    • 1st Place: Nick Collin
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  • A Flipline Fan


    July 9, 2017 by A Flipline Fan

    Moved On:

    • 3. Elisa Griffin
    • 4. Rachel Stunts
    • 6. Nick Collin
    • 9. Abby Lorenzo
    • 10. Kathrin De André


    • 1. Sarah Jones
    • 2. Gwen Thompson
    • 5. Fumiko Mizui
    • 7. Keiko Shibuya
    • 8. Lucía Davis
    • 11. Miyu Reina

    Moved On:

    • 1. Rin Suzuki
    • 2. Víctor Rafferty
    • 3. Yoko Amori
    • 6. Matt Trainer
    • 11. Emma Jackson


    • 4. Naomi Griffin
    • 5. Misaki Mino
    • 7. Jessie Tyson
    • 8. Ashley Walker
    • 9. David Brown
    • 10. Cole Bronswick
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  • A Flipline Fan


    July 9, 2017 by A Flipline Fan

    Moved On:

    • 1. Miyu Reina
    • 2. Elisa Griffin
    • 4. David Brown
    • 6. Nick Collin
    • 8. Abby Lorenzo
    • 10. Jessie Tyson
    • 11. Yoko Amori


    • 3. Tomoko Miuzi
    • 5. Fumiko Mizui (Wild Card)
    • 7. Maria McVince
    • 9. Vincenzo Winsley
    • 12. Susana Rogers

    Moved On:

    • 1. Cole Bronswick
    • 3. Víctor Rafferty
    • 4. Matt Trainer
    • 5. Gwen Thomspon
    • 6. Ashley Walker
    • 9. Rachel Stunts
    • 11. Kathrin De André


    • 2. Megan Finn
    • 7. Giovanna James
    • 8. Martin Rogers
    • 10. Silke Moore
    • 12. Akira Amori

    Moved On:

    • 1. Lucía Davis
    • 5. Keiko Shibuya
    • 6. Misaki Mino
    • 7. Emma Jackson
    • 8. Rin Suzuki
    • 9. Naomi Griffin
    • 12. Sarah Jones


    • 2. Takumi Hinata
    • 3. Nelly Tyson
    • 4. Steve Winsley
    • 10. Alisha Morgan
    • 11. Jackie Jackson
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  • A Flipline Fan

    Judge Cuts

    July 9, 2017 by A Flipline Fan

    Moved On:

    • 1. Abby Lorenzo
    • 5. Matt Trainer
    • 8. Elisa Griffin
    • 10. Lucía Davis
    • 13. Fumiko Mizui
    • 15. Akira Amori
    • 18. Kathrin De André
    • 19. Martin Rogers


    • 2. Anna Collin
    • 3. Ryan Miller
    • 4. Eva Benson
    • 6. Miyu Reina (Wild Card)
    • 7. Ai Wantanbe
    • 9. Theo Stunts
    • 11. Haru Thompson
    • 12. Yoshi Yasushima 
    • 14. Shinnosuke Shibuya
    • 16. Tatsuaki Sakai
    • 17. Hiroshi Wantanbe
    • 20. Sakura Shibagaki

    Week 2

    Moved On:

    • 1. Sarah Jones
    • 2. Nick Collin
    • 4. Rin Suzuki
    • 5. Takumi Hinata
    • 13. Misaki Mino
    • 15. Yoko Amori
    • 19. Rachel Stunts
    • 20. Emma Jackson


    • 3. Marco James
    • 6. James Thompson
    • 7. Chris Winston
    • 8. Michael De André 
    • 9. Hayley Brown
    • 10. Pierre Jordan
    • 11. Mike Tyson
    • 12. Steve Winsley (Wild Card)
    • 14. Kentaro Myoujin
    • 16. Andy Johnson
    • 17. Luca Fernando
    • 18. Emily Winston

    Moved On:

    • 4. Silke Moore
    • 6. Jessie Tys…

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  • A Flipline Fan

    Moved On:

    • 1. Haru Thompson
    • 3. Miyu Reina
    • 4. Jessie Tyson
    • 5. Nelly Tyson
    • 6. Andy Johnson
    • 7. James Thompson
    • 9. Abby Lorenzo
    • 10. Tatsuaki Sakai
    • 11. Julie Bennett
    • 13. Tommy Williams
    • 15. Sarah Jones
    • 16. Alex Williams
    • 17. Shohei Tanaka
    • 18. Mike Tyson
    • 19. Miguel Thompson
    • 20. Gwen Thompson


    • 2. Saburo Reina
    • 8. Patrick Williams
    • 12. Chika Mino
    • 14. Mia Johnson

    Moved On:

    • 1. Nick Collin
    • 2. Abe Collin
    • 3. Ashley Walker
    • 4. Megan Finn
    • 5. Chris Winston
    • 6. Helen Finn
    • 7. Hiroshi Wantanbe
    • 8. Maria McVince
    • 9. Ai Wantanbe
    • 12. Tomoko Mizui
    • 13. Luca Fernando
    • 16. Barbara Jakes
    • 17. Steve Winsley
    • 18. Vincenzo Winsley
    • 19. Yoshi Yasushima
    • 20. Anna Collin


    • 10. Shouta McVince
    • 11. Siobhán Winsley
    • 14. Ian Finn
    • 15. Sota Tanaka

    Moved On:

    • 1. Ryan Miller
    • 2. Takashi Yuuma
    • 3. Marco James
    • 5. Cole Bronswick
    • 6. Emily…

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  • Fakimi

    I'm suck

    June 12, 2017 by Fakimi
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  • Wgofire

    I don't know why but I used to ship Tyrone and Rachel with eachother as a kid, did anyone else have any wii cpu shippings?

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  • Qubit2222

    This bullsh*t topic really needs to end.

    Please. It's false information. Don't put it in the comments.

    In fact, I'm disabling comments from here on in.

    Qubit 01:52, May 14, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Qubit2222


    April 5, 2017 by Qubit2222

    I was facing Miyu (my skill level was around 1170) and I beat her 9 - 6. Then I somehow gained 140 skill points and I am now exempt from facing Sakura.

    How the heck did that happen?

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  • GVNintendoNMore


    March 14, 2017 by GVNintendoNMore

    It's been a good amount of time, but

    I finally beat the table tennis champion. That's all of them!
    And I have to say, that slipper paddle sounds really satisfying.

    Sunday, March 12, 2017
    9:37 PM

    Score: 7-5

    That is all.

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  • Jere16

    Nick, Oscar, Chris and Ren are nerd boys.

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  • YT12345

    Badge Acquisition

    March 2, 2017 by YT12345


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  • Iamepiclyhypeyeah

    Wii Wiki

    February 25, 2017 by Iamepiclyhypeyeah

    Hello this is iamepiclyhypeyeah just saying that I am trying to be a great contributor to this community because they have helped me so much GVNM thank you so much you are such a great aspiration

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  • KingBryanRMX

    Sorry I was gone

    January 31, 2017 by KingBryanRMX

    Sorry I was gone. I had to play with my wii a lot.

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  • KingBryanRMX

    Real CPU Miis

    December 13, 2016 by KingBryanRMX

    I just found a lot of Real Images of CPU Miis.

    Links coming soon.

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  • KingBryanRMX

    CPU Mii

    December 5, 2016 by KingBryanRMX

    What would a CPU Mii Do in the bowling alley?

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  • GVNintendoNMore

    Fanon Wiki?

    November 30, 2016 by GVNintendoNMore

    Spiky Eared Pichu recently made a blog post on the overload of cruft in the comment sections of CPU Mii articles. I was thinking maybe we could give them their own space to write whatever they'd like, a fanon wiki maybe? hey, there's one for the Lion King.

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    About Wii Sports

    November 11, 2016 by AJTPM

    Anyone wanna talk?

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  • Toyplanet674

    all cpu miis

    October 30, 2016 by Toyplanet674
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  • Miyoku325


    September 3, 2016 by Miyoku325

    What the f***?!

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  • Miyoku325

    All Hiromi.

    September 3, 2016 by Miyoku325
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  • Sakimo3125

    I like a Keiko, Xixi and Susie!

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  • Miyoku325
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  • Miyoku325
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  • Miyoku325

    Let's go to Tomoko's badge!

    September 3, 2016 by Miyoku325

    Let's go to speak a Tomoko!

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  • Miyoku325

    Bad time of Mia!

    September 2, 2016 by Miyoku325


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  • Miyoku325

    Midori is good!

    September 2, 2016 by Miyoku325

    Midori is good!

    Ok, i don't say Midori of Yandere Simulator...

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  • Miyoku325

    Yoshi? This name?

    September 1, 2016 by Miyoku325

    Yoshi is worst character d'or MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

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  • MintyAnny

    I have updated my Mii's appearance recently to make her look more like me. ^-^

    I hope you like it though!

    B̶y̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶w̶a̶y̶,̶ ̶I̶ ̶s̶t̶i̶l̶l̶ ̶h̶a̶v̶e̶ ̶c̶l̶a̶s̶s̶e̶s̶ ̶i̶n̶ ̶h̶i̶g̶h̶ ̶s̶c̶h̶o̶o̶l̶.̶

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  • GVNintendoNMore


    August 7, 2016 by GVNintendoNMore

    Great, another weird title...

    I haven't been editing on the wiki—who am I kidding? I haven't been anything on the wiki—for quite a while. I've been on vacation in Sudan for at least a month (;'_')and the internet kinda sucks. But I still occasionally check the wiki while I can and read manga inbetween.(Side note: I've also been......maturing....[ouch.])

    and in case you're wondering what's with the title, I've risen from the dead. A zombie.
    That's so corny I can practically taste it....

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  • Qubit2222


    July 15, 2016 by Qubit2222

    On some other wikis that I contribute to, there is a thing called a Userbox, in which it tells something about the user. Here's an example:

    Copy and paste into new template:


    is a fan of Matt.}} Read more >
  • MintyAnny

    Uh... school time is befalling me again this year. My classes start on July 18. I have to wake up as early as possible these days. I will be busy with homework, but, never fret since I'll still be contributing. I'm free during Saturdays and Sundays. However, I'm still going to draw pics and it'll be fun!



    6/14/2016 (Tuesday)

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  • GVNintendoNMore

    Hellooo, summer

    June 14, 2016 by GVNintendoNMore

    Today's the last day of school for me. Tomorrow I won't have to wake up at early-as-hell o'clock, or worry about work and the stresses and responsibilities of being human. The only catch is, I have to return my iPad to the school—omits school property.

    Hello summer.
    Goodbye torture.
    Goodbye iPad. :/

    About to take my final final exam for this year. Bye for now.

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  • GVNintendoNMore


    June 6, 2016 by GVNintendoNMore

    All this time on WSW and I forgot to tell you all that I'm Muslim.
    Wow. What an introduction.

    Why now, you ask? Well, because today marks the first day of Ramadan and I'm going to have to fast till sunset for thirty days (it gets harder and harder every year). Enjoy your food, you lucky ducks. Most, if not all, of my classmates are fasting too, and more than half the class was absent today. I'm probably going to sleep the second I get home and not wake up until the iftar[1] when I can EAT EAT EAT. (oops.)

    [1]Iftar: the evening meal when the fast is broken during Ramadan.

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  • MintyAnny

    Haven't been here for days...I was busy buying my favorite snacks and accessories in Guam 2 days ago. I went back to my house just yesterday. But I hope that you would still be friendly with me! :)

    Yours, ♡Anny♡


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  • GVNintendoNMore


    May 17, 2016 by GVNintendoNMore

    I have been so busy with home, and school, and G+ and other stuff like that, that I haven't had time to edit stuff on the wiki. I've been pretty inactive, but with the school year about to end, I will have time. Hopefully.

    So don't worry, I'm not dead.

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  • LilGreenYoshi

    I'm still here!

    May 15, 2016 by LilGreenYoshi

    Hey everybody! You may have noticed I've been semi-inactive for a month now (Although I still check this wiki almost every day). I haven't been on my Wii U in about 2+ months due to playing my 3DS daily (And many other things). I just want everyone to know that I'm still here and if you send me a message, I will respond.

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  • Qubit2222

    Hello again

    April 27, 2016 by Qubit2222

    Thought I could come back here... :)

    Anyway, I've largely been semi-inactive on Wikia, because of all the other things in life.

    Also, I can't play on my Wii U right now, because someone stole my GamePad (or so I think). A replacement GamePad will come. It's $200 for the new GamePad :(

    I don't even really know what's going on at the wiki anymore. It's weird.


    Qubit2222 (talk)

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  • GVNintendoNMore


    April 10, 2016 by GVNintendoNMore

    One thing that bothers me a little: The CPU Miis on the badge icons and the Baseball page don't look exactly like they're supposed to.

    I haven't listed all of them, but I'm sure there are more.

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  • Qubit2222

    Time Differences

    March 18, 2016 by Qubit2222

    Just a blog I made because I was bored.

    Right now, it is around 10:50 PM, 18 March 2016 in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). But in Germany, it's 11:50 PM, and in the UAE, it's 2:50 AM on 19 March 2016.

    This is where it gets interesting. It is supposed to be 5:50 PM in Toronto, but Canada observes Daylight Saving Time, bringing the clock forward 1 hour to 6:50 PM (it will stay that way from March to November).

    The time differences are really confusing around the world.

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  • GVNintendoNMore

    Term 2 of my school year is about to end. (Seems like it began just yesterday.)

    That being said, it means I'm about to take my exams for the term. So I probably won't be available for the next decade month

    week. Yay... (T ^ T)

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  • Qubit2222

    - Quote from Treasure of the Sierra Madre

    I'm turning the badges back on. Just so you guys can see how screwed up the totals are, and so PhilippL can try to reset all of the totals with Java.

    ありがとう!2Q (talk) 00:49, March 16, 2016 (UTC)

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  • GVNintendoNMore

    I'm sure you all are familiar with metaphors and the like. That being said...At the time of this writing, no one was very active here, save for TurboJ Mario and the occasional anonymous contributor. Which adds a sort of hidden meaning to the phrase "Maka Wuhu is dormant".

    Is everyone busy with something else?

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  • GVNintendoNMore

    CPU Mii Art

    February 25, 2016 by GVNintendoNMore

    As you may or may not know, I'm an artist. I've decided to start practicing a semi-realistic drawing style (I usually draw in manga style). All I used for these drawings was a #2 HB pencil. 

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  • Qubit2222

    Getting closer?

    February 20, 2016 by Qubit2222

    I just played 11-point match against Lucia, and you know what happened?

    I was leading 8 - 4.

    Then she caught up.

    Then it got to 10 - 10.

    Then I lost 10 - 12 :(

    Have mercy on me, Lucia

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