Here are all Stamps listed in Wii Sports Resort - Basketball.
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3-Point Contest

Hot Streak:

Sink five consecutive shots in the basket. Get in a good rhythm with the first five balls, and anything's possible.

Bonus Plumber:

Drain all five bonus balls.

Quick Draw:

Score 20 points or more with at least 10 seconds left on the clock. Don't think—shoot!

Hot Hand:

Sink all 25 balls in the basket. Just stay focused and get into the groove!

Pure Shooter:

Sink all 25 balls in the basket with at least 15 seconds left on the clock. It takes some serious skills!

Pickup Game

Triple Dip:

Score a goal from beyond the 3-point line in single-player mode.

Rim Rattler:

Dunk the ball five times in a game in single-player mode. To dunk, get right up underneath the basket and slam the ball in.

Lights Out:

Drain five 3-point baskets in one game. A 3-point basket is a shot from beyond the 3-point line. You can get this stamp in single-player mode only.

Buzzer Beater:

Make a last-second shot with a "buzzer beater," a basket scored before the buzzer signals the end of the game. You can get this stamp in single-player mode only.

Hoop Hero:

Take down the champions in a pickup game! The reigning Wuhu champions are faster, jump higher, and shoot better than any other team. Better drain some 3-pointers!

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