Taking a three pointer in Pick-up Game.

Basketball is one of the twelve available sports to play in Wii Sports Resort, and takes place at the Basketball Court. There are two variations of the game.

3-Point Contest

The objective of the 3-Point Contest is to shoot 25 basketballs with 5 balls in each rack into the basket at the free-throw line in one minute. At the end of each rack there is a Striped Ball which is worth double points.

3-On-3 Game

The Pick-Up Game is a 3-on-3 game where the player's objective must score more baskets than the opposing team. Movement is controlled automatically, while the passing is done with the 'A' button and the D-Pad, and the dribbling is handled with motion controls. This is only playable after playing 3-point contest.

Your first opponent is Miguel and his team also has Takashi and Anna, while the champion is Tommy and his team also has Eva and Tyrone.

Characters in Pickup Game

  1. Miguel, Anna and Takashi
  2. Andy, Megan and Nick
  3. Cole, Kentaro and Eddy
  4. Elisa, Jackie and Martin
  5. Hiromi, Víctor and Mia
  6. Gabi, Gwen and Emily
  7. Yoko, Julie and Steph
  8. Miyu, Fumiko and Mike
  9. Holly, Alisha and Daisuke
  10. Chika, George and Matt
  11. Fritz, Lucía and Asami
  12. Vincenzo, Hiroshi and Ryan
  13. Sandra, Tomoko and Greg
  14. Sakura, Rin and Tatsuaki
  15. Rainer, Marco and Marisa
  16. Jake, Chris, and Luca
  17. Kathrin, Keiko and Giovanna
  18. Hiromasa, Eduardo and Ai
  19. Rachel, Michael and Naomi
  20. Shinnosuke, Siobhán and Saburo
  21. Maria, Takumi and Sarah
  22. Shouta, Sota and Ren

Pro Level:

  1. Helen, Stéphanie and Ursula
  2. Gabriele, Shinta, and Barbara
  3. Ian, Oscar and Emma
  4. Alex, Nelly and Jessie
  5. Akira, Hayley and Silke
  6. Patrick, David
  7. Midori, Yoshi and Steve
  8. Theo, Abby and Pablo
  9. Susana, Shohei and Pierre
  10. Misaki, Haru
  11. Abe, Ashley and James


  • Tommy, Eva, and Tyrone
  • (You automatically play at night in the match.) You earn the Hoop Hero stamp after beating the champion team (when the opponent is Tommy, not Eva or Tyrone)
  • After you win the Hoop Hero stamp you can jump higher and run faster.

How to Beat Tommy (the Champion) at Pickup Game

To block the attacks from them, simply spam tap the + button so you see when they jump and then simply unpause the game and jump directly. This guide usually works. To score, wait before you pass. If your team member walks to the back and then walks forwards, pass to him/her and shoot directly. You can wait a little too since your opponent is too far away to block it.

If you are winning in the last 20 seconds of the game, try to run the clock by passing the ball between open teammates. Usually you would do it to the same two teammates. This strategy works for any team you face, but it is generally used on the harder teams.

Other Stuff in Pickup Game

If you want to figure out how the skill level works, it works like this.

x = your score, y = opponent's score, and z = your final skill. (Why algebra on a fun page?)

10x + y - 10y = z

Also, if you want to find out who's next to face, you can look at the opponent's teammates. The one on the left (when it's your turn) is the one who is (usually) higher, and the one to your right is (usually) lower.


Hold (2) on the Wii Remote when choosing your player, then release (2) at the loading screen. This unlocks a night game.

Hold (1) on the Wii Remote when choosing your player and don't let go until the game finishes loading. The Release (1). This makes a tent visible when you start a game.


  • Every time you restart a game with the tent cheat, the tent will be a different color.
  • Tommy, Eva and Tyrone jump higher and run faster, so it will take a skilled person to outmaster them. When you earn the Hoop Hero stamp you can do these things.