Air Sports is one of the 12 games available for play in Wii Sports Resort. There are three different variations of the game, Skydiving, Island Flyover, and Dogfight.


Wii Sports Skydiving
Skydiving involves your Mii jumping out of an airplane, above Wuhu Island, and linking up with other skydiving Miis and getting your picture taken to earn points. Once your Mii links up with another Mii, a camera will take your picture. After a set amount of time, all the Miis you've linked with on the fall will get into a circular formation for your Mii to fall through, setting yourself up for one massive picture. All the Miis then pull their parachutes out and the score from your fall is tallied.


  • Try to face the camera when your picture is taken for bonus points.
  • If you can link up with 4 different Miis before the picture is taken, then another photographer will come from behind you and take another picture.
  • Sometimes birds fly by and there is a stamp for getting a bird in a photo.
  • Hold 2 before the game starts, and you'll see something different about it. I won't show your name, or skill level, and when you finish Skydiving, you'll return to the Title Screen. This is like how you first started the game to skydive to Wuhu Island.

Island Flyover

Island Flyover

Island Flyover's player plane.


When 70 iPoints are collected, the player's Mii will show up on the blimp, as pictured here.

Island Flyover involves your Mii flying an airplane over Wuhu Island, trying to find Ipoints. There are 80 Ipoints scattered throughout the island, each containing a description about the place where the Ipoint was found. A time limit of 5 minutes is set and once the 5 minutes are up, the Ipoints tallied.

After getting an amount of Ipoints found, there will be balloons everywhere for you to use the shooter and pop them.

  • Follow Miguel's guide plane to find some Ipoints. His plane is also an Ipoint. If you are having trouble finding him, shoot off a flare, he'll fire one back.
  • See List of iPoints for the full list of where the Ipoints can be found.
  • You can also get some cool details in the game after you find enough Ipoints, such as a double-seater plane or different times of the day to fly around.
  • Once 70 iPoints are collected, the player's Mii will show up on the Whale Shark.


Dogfight consists of two Miis shooting their ballon poppers at each other to pop their balloons. Once one player pops all of the other players balloons or when time runs out, then the game is over.


  • To get more balloons, find the Ipoint marked on your hub and fly through it.

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